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Making a Moscow Mule

How to Make a Moscow Mule

Loving how this self-promo “cocktail” piece turned out. I wanted to emphasize how typography, subtleties of light and appropriate music can set the tone for a marketing video.  This was meant to illustrate the kind of videos that we can produce to highlight a business, product, recipe, event, etc. in a fun creative way.

Spread out over a week, I figured it took about three days to shoot, edit and tweak the final posted video. I felt the more I added, subtracted and adjusted the richer and more complete the project became. Would work as a great template for additional recipes. Note: I was also able to reformat the video to the specification of Instagram = limited to 15 sec within a 640 x 640 square frame. See blog post here.

I’d be happy to discuss in more detail how the process works and how best it can be utilized for you.

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